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One of the global duties of an administrative assistant is to …all aspects of general office coordination.

Question 2/10

A minimum qualification to be able to work in administration is to be computer…

Question 3/10

Paper, post-it notes, ring binders, box files, supplies, material, etc..., are all part of office …

Question 4/10

As our executive staff frequently go on business trips, I spend a lot of time preparing all the …. for them.

Question 5/10

All being well, we should receive a 75% grant from our sponsor for this project. That would reduce our …component to only 25%.

Question 6/10

The company's … year runs from 1st July until 30th June so we are always really busy in June trying to close all accounts.

Question 7/10

Administrative assistants may sometimes have to train and supervise lower level … staff.

Question 8/10

All employees have a holiday … of 20 days per annum(pro rata) in the first year, rising to 25 days per annum after 5 years.

Question 9/10

For environmental reasons and to ensure the safe destruction of confidential documents, many companies have a paper …

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One of my first daily tasks is to listen to the voice mail in the general mailbox and …the message to the appropriate staff member.