Question 1/10

I could come and pick up the 6 packed lunches we ordered for the meeting, but it would be easier if you delivered. How much extra do you …for delivery?

Question 2/10

Could you please send a detailed …to our Accounts Department as soon as possible to enable the payment to be made?

Question 3/10

I'm just in the process of finalizing the list of participants for the seminar. Unfortunately, Mr. Tatz won't be able to …

Question 4/10

I'm looking to book accommodation for about 7 people at the end of the month. What … do you have at that time?

Question 5/10

On the whole I can handle the …because I'm very efficient and organized, but I don't have any time to waste.

Question 6/10

One very time consuming task is …all the mail and separating it into each department's in-tray.

Question 7/10

Our GM has excellent …and knows how to deal with people to get the best from them.

Question 8/10

Mr. Randall will be here all day tomorrow. What time would be …for you to call in?

Question 9/10

Everything's in place for the seminar. Has anybody checked to see if all the equipment is in good …?

Question 10/10

If anything unexpected happens, we'll just have to …with it as and when.