Question 1/10

When my administrative tasks are slack, I …old documents to organize them.

Question 2/10

I'll have to do some …on our suppliers to make sure they are working on our projects.

Question 3/10

We have a big …of office material here. If you need anything, just take it.

Question 4/10

I've just received the report, so I'm …it to you now. Hope it's not too late.

Question 5/10

I'm attaching the Business Plan Review. Please …that several alterations have been made.

Question 6/10

Here is the itinerary for Sri Lanka. Please …that I have included everything you want in it.

Question 7/10

Unfortunately Mr. Josh won't be able to make Thursday. He's already got …on that day. He suggested early next week.

Question 8/10

I musn't forget to send out …to all sales staff about the change in venue for next week's seminar.

Question 9/10

The list of …states the names of any employee unable to be present at a meeting.

Question 10/10

A lot of the managers confide their monthly reports to me to …before being presented at the monthly team meeting.