Question 1/10

The General Manager would like to meet with key managers from each department, I'll need to book a … for seven people.

Question 2/10

After the meeting, I'm in charge of writing the …so that everyone is clear on what was said and what decisions were made.

Question 3/10

One of my main goals is to …of my General Manager, so as to be efficient and be ahead of the game.

Question 4/10

I order office … monthly, so please let me know if you need paper, pens, envelopes, etc.

Question 5/10

My boss' … is quite difficult to manage, people always want to meet with her and I must juggle appointments based on priorities.

Question 6/10

Often my boss tells me to handle it, which means I must … the situation.

Question 7/10

Every morning the GM and I meet to … what the day will entail.

Question 8/10

The GM asked me to … his notes for the meeting this afternoon.

Question 9/10

It is important that I be organized so that things … and without any hiccups.

Question 10/10

I … the CEO's phone calls so that she is not bothered unnecessarily.