Question 1/10

Stephanie ... a new deal with our current supplier giving us quicker delivery time and a minor price reduction.

Question 2/10

Fabrice had ... on three key points in the contract, otherwise he would have lost the deal to our competitor.

Question 3/10

Last week we … for over thirty thousand Euros.

Question 4/10

Jack is known throughout the sector as someone who …, as he rarely concedes in negotiations.

Question 5/10

The salesperson … for thirty minutes before he finally gave us the price.

Question 6/10

I was very surprised when the salesperson stated the price and simply said ..., leaving no room for negotiation

Question 7/10

10% off the final price and free shipping is the best we can do, it is our …

Question 8/10

Beth was so eager ...that she accepted all the terms with very little resistance.

Question 9/10

Our … for this month is to increase sales by 5% compared to last year at this time.

Question 10/10

The Sales Manager has added an additional …, whoever sells the most this quarter will get a trip to Las Vegas.