Question 1/10

After the advertizing campaign on television, sales of the shampoo really …

Question 2/10

Next year we intend to …several new products "but" at the moment we're still testing them.

Question 3/10

… is often used by companies to see how their products compare with competitors.

Question 4/10

As trade fairs can be very expensive to set up, companies often opt for …in order to promote a new product.

Question 5/10

We decided against venturing into Brazil as the threats outweighed the opportunities in our SWOT analysis, and the …was too high.

Question 6/10

Our marketing budget must be very well spent due to strict financial …

Question 7/10

Modifier Sales and marketing must work closely together to identify a new population's …before launching a new product.

Question 8/10

Because of the advance publicity "all" copies of the new game had … within an hour so the store had to order some more.

Question 9/10

We're already thinking about what we'll be selling in five years' time. In this business it's essential to …

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Consumers generally don't mind spending a bit more for better quality, so they receive …