Question 1/10

Although 2009 sales results were satisfactory, we are looking for new ways to drive …. in 2010.

Question 2/10

Follow-up systems must be put in place to measure and …results of sales-lead generation and cultivation programs.

Question 3/10

A sales …is any list of qualified prospects that haven't signed or bought yet.

Question 4/10

The formal rules of correct and polite behaviour when dealing with customers is often referred to as sales ….

Question 5/10

We'd like to change consumers' … of our brand by adopting a totally different approach to the market.

Question 6/10

If everything goes to plan, the recent marketing campaign should have a massive … on our sales.

Question 7/10

Sales are … by 50% compared to this time last year. Well done everybody!

Question 8/10

If the profit margin is not …then the company will be forced to close down.

Question 9/10

At most trade fairs, each … space is about ten feet wide.

Question 10/10

A … sale is generally held by a store going out of business.