Question 1/10

… are extra benefits employees can have with their company like discounts on products, restaurant vouchers, free use of sports club etc

Question 2/10

I would really like to ……….. the issue of quality with the new LT60 components in today's meeting.

Question 3/10

In the 1980's, the tourist trade in Devon hit a real "slump".

Question 4/10

As an area manager I ….. the general running of all operations in my sector without becoming directly involved with customers.

Question 5/10

I am sure that sales will improve. Sales are ……. to improve.

Question 6/10

….. to a major forecasting group, people will soon be buying more than eighty million new cars a year worldwide.

Question 7/10

Productivity rose dramatically. There was a dramatic ….. in productivity.

Question 8/10

I doubt if the current rate of 1:4 will change in the near future. The rate of 1:4 is … to change.

Question 9/10

In order to cut costs, we are going to have to make about sixty employees ……………

Question 10/10

We are looking for an extremely ……… journalist. =(naturally good at his/her job / gifted)