Question 1/10

One advantage of … is that computers can share files and printers.

Question 2/10

To connect to computers in different locations, I use …

Question 3/10

When I bought my new printer, I had to download the latest … as the DVD was out of date.

Question 4/10

In order for me to use the internet, I need to …

Question 5/10

John partitioned his hard drive so when he …, he has a choice of two different operating systems.

Question 6/10

In order to adapt to new and different products or to correct errors, companies use … instead of releasing a new product.

Question 7/10

To protect a computer from viruses and other outside threats, a … is often used.

Question 8/10

Common viruses are … and trojans.

Question 9/10

The …is the heart of a computer.

Question 10/10

Nowadays, by using a hotspot and a …connection, you can surf the internet from other locations.