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A … is a network bridge and a router combined.

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… is the masking of the sender's name and address in an email note or distribution.

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A … site is a set of files on a server that has been copied to another server so that the files are available from more than one place.

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In order to track the detection, reporting and resolution of some type of problem, organizations often use ….

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The rate of attrition, more commonly known as the … rate, is an important business metric referring to subscribers switching providers.

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Someone who likes to spend time with people who are more computer literate than they are is called a … in computer jargon

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... is a key factor in Web entreprises' success; it combines the capabilities of the computer and networking with the Web's capacity to amass content.

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… encompasses all the processes involved in getting new software and hardware up and running properly in its environment.

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Requests can be forwarded simultaneously to a number of search engine sites and the results filtered with a …

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Marketing brochures frequently state that a new desktop display has a smaller …, meaning that it occupies less space on your desk.