Question 1/10

Although the prisoner's sentence had only been partially served, he was released on …

Question 2/10

Despite being disappointed with the trial court's decision, I've finally decided not to …

Question 3/10

They employed the best lawyer they could get to … their case.

Question 4/10

I won't be able to come to work tomorrow as I've received a … to appear in court as a witness.

Question 5/10

The accused was released on ... of £ 1,000 pending trial.

Question 6/10

According to witnesses' …, you were present when the crime was committed.

Question 7/10

The tenants were … from their flat for not paying the rent.

Question 8/10

This is the third time you've been ... of fraud, and I hope it will be the last.

Question 9/10

A jury whose members cannot reconcile their differences of opinion and thus cannot reach a verdict is known as a … jury.

Question 10/10

The jury finally announced a … of "not guilty".