Question 1/10

How much …are you legally required to give to your current employer before leaving your job?

Question 2/10

The bank refused to lend me any money because they weren't convinced by the … I showed them.

Question 3/10

The team meeting has been …until the end of the month due to the terrible weather conditions.

Question 4/10

We're going to have to speed up production. The absolute…is in 4 days time. After that, it's too late.

Question 5/10

The company has …because they went bankrupt.

Question 6/10

A good manager must be able to effectively …tasks amongst his/her team

Question 7/10

I appreciate my staff being …and dealing with problems by themselves.

Question 8/10

Fabrice had to ... on three key points in the contract, otherwise he would have lost the deal to our competitor.

Question 9/10

Long and complicated tasks should be broken down into smaller parts with regular …to enable the project to be reviewed during its progress.

Question 10/10

Our manager …the very best from us, but likewise, he/she also provides us with the necessary tools and support to carry out the job.