Question 1/10

A General Manager not only has broad, overall responsibility for an organization, but also leads and coordinates the … functions of the company.

Question 2/10

I'll feel better when today is over as I have to present my annual budget and fiscal plan to the …of directors this afternoon and I'm not very confident.

Question 3/10

I like to maintain knowledge and … of operational development theory and methods within the organization amongst all managers and staff.

Question 4/10

I'm fed up going round the houses and not getting anywhere in this meeting. Let's ….business straight away.

Question 5/10

It makes my own job easier if I hire well-experienced and efficient managers to handle the operations of the individual … in the company.

Question 6/10

We seem to have different conceptions of business... I'm talking about our responsibilities to our employees; you're talking about maximizing profits.

Question 7/10

Productivity and goal achievement can be measured and areas for improvement determined by reviewing ….such as sales and activity reports.

Question 8/10

We've made a strategic decision to divest the subsidiaries we bought in the 1990's and concentrate on our … business.

Question 9/10

The overall responsibility of managing the revenue and cost elements of a company's …statement usually lies with the General Manager.

Question 10/10

Delaying doing tasks or setting them aside for later are examples of …