Question 1/10

If our product doesn't meet the required …, then we won't be allowed to pursue the launch.

Question 2/10

If we want to maintain our scheduled launch date, then all stages and lead times in the …must be clearly communicated to everybody concerned.

Question 3/10

As storage costs are very high in London, why don't we use our local…and then export the necessary quantities on demand?

Question 4/10

Although the local market conditions were very favourable for us especially in terms of low competition, the overall…were very restrictive and difficult.

Question 5/10

It is essential to be aware of …in each country so as not to offend nor upset established traditions and habits.

Question 6/10

Products can be judged along with 2 or 3 others in the market place and feedback given by a …

Question 7/10

We've implanted 3 … for the time being which are strategically on the outskirts of big cities and near major ports, train stations, and airports.

Question 8/10

A dynamic marketing tactic is to analyze one's current customers and determine what key … they share and why they are thus ideal customers.

Question 9/10

The blending of the 4 marketing elements - product, place, price, and promotion - is commonly known as the marketing …

Question 10/10

The main reason to launch our product in the Asian market, was due to our very low … in Europe.