Question 1/10

They want a person with an extensive … for that position.

Question 2/10

She didn't get the job because she didn't have the right …

Question 3/10

The workers want to air their … about the poor working conditions.

Question 4/10

Superb! She meets all requirements from all points of view. She really …

Question 5/10

What about reaching a compromise? Let's see if the employees will … a 2% pay rise.

Question 6/10

Unfortunately the most suitable candidate …the offer due to the long working hours.

Question 7/10

Julie's main …is her lack of problem solving skills. When faced with a setback, she rarely finds solutions.

Question 8/10

Justin's annual appraisal went very well as his … and my evaluation were very coherent.

Question 9/10

We all received a production …for getting the big order finished on time.

Question 10/10

When he retires, his …should give him an income equal to about 75% of what he earns now.