Question 1/10

In geographical areas where hunting is a popular activity, companies can suffer from a high rate of….at particular times of the year during the hunting season.

Question 2/10

Paul has been on … for the last 2 weeks due to a very bad eye infection caused by a spark from one of the machines in the production unit.

Question 3/10

Once the final selection has been made after the interview, it's essential to examine the candidate's … to check that he/she is trustworthy.

Question 4/10

Factory workers often work in … to ensure production all around the clock as the teams of workers constantly relay one another.

Question 5/10

Employees in large companies usually belong to a … which is formed to protect their interests and improve working conditions.

Question 6/10

The hiring of new staff can be done internally, or the Human Resources Manager can opt to …recruitment by using an agency.

Question 7/10

Excellent news! We've just managed to fill the … for the position of Health and Safety Director.

Question 8/10

Some companies prefer to conduct board interviews so as to have opinions from different members of staff when … a candidate.

Question 9/10

Employees are usually required to …when leaving a job, and the time span can vary depending on the initial contract and length of service.

Question 10/10

Peter left the company to work … because he was tired of having to constantly report to his hierarchy before any decisions could be made.