Déléguer en y mettant les formes

Les mots clés et expressions:

Define a task (to)

Definition : to explain an assignment, to establish what needs to be accomplished. 

Translation : Bien définir la tâche 

Delegate (to)

Definition : to assign a specific job to someone. 

Translation : Déléguer 

State the required results (to)

Definition : to explain what must be achieved, to set the desired targets.

Translation : Préciser les résultats souhaités 

When are the review dates ?

Definition : When do you want to review my progress ? When shall we meet to discuss the status of the project ?

Translation : Quand nous revoyons-nous pour suivre l’avancement du dossier ? 

Give feedback on the results (to)

Definition : to review the final results. 

Translation : Faire le point sur les résultats 

When must the job be finished ?

Definition : What’s the deadline for this assignment ? 

Translation : Quand ce travail doit-il être terminé ? 

Do you understand what needs to be done ?

Definition : Have I made myself clear ? 

Translation : Avez-vous compris ce qu’il faut faire ? 

Follow these instructions precisely

Definition : You’re to follow these instructions to the letter. 

Translation : Vous devez suivre ces instructions à la lettre 

Hand a file over to someone (to)

Definition : to put an employee in charge of a specific project. 

Translation : Confier un dossier à quelqu’un 

Could you look into this, please ?

Definition : Could you find out about this ? 

Translation : Pourriez-vous vous renseigner sur ce sujet, s’il vous plaît ? 

Report back to your boss with any changes (to)

Definition : to update your manager, to get back to your boss. 

Translation : Tenir votre chef au courant des changements 

Can you have this finished by friday please ?

Definition : Please, have this ready for Friday. 

Translation : Pouvez-vous finir ceci pour vendredi, s’il vous plaît 

Set a deadline (to)

Definition : to establish a date when the project, task or job must be completed. 

Translation : Fixer une date butoir 

What’s the lead time for this task ?

Definition : How much time do I have to complete this assignment ? 

Translation : Quel est le délai pour cette tâche ? 

Take the workload off someone (to)

Definition : to reduce the amount of work someone has. 

Translation : Réduire / alléger la charge de travail de quelqu’un 

Capable of doing a task on one’s own (to be)

Definition : to be autonomous. 

Translation : Etre capable d’effectuer un travail seul 

Constantly look over a worker’s shoulder (to)

Definition : to continually check up on a worker. 

Translation : Toujours vérifier ce que fait un employé 

Oversee a task (to)

Definition : to regularly check on the progress of a project. 

Translation : Superviser une tâche 

Overrun a deadline (to)

Definition : to be late on a project. 

Translation : Dépasser la date butoir 

Meet a deadline (to)

Definition : to finish something on time.

Translation : Finir dans les délais 

Would you mind doing this please ?

Definition : Could you please do this for me ? 

Translation : Pourriez-vous faire ceci, s’il vous plaît ? 

Thank you for all your hard work and effort

Definition : thanks for working so hard on this. 

Translation : Merci beaucoup pour tous vos efforts 

You have all my support on this task

Definition : I’ll be right behind you all the way. 

Translation : Vous aurez tout mon soutien pour accomplir cette tâche 

Involved with one’s staff (to be)

Definition : to be a «hands-on» boss. 

Translation : Etre impliqué aux côtés de son personnel 

Let go (of a delegated task) (to)

Definition : to allow someone else to do the task for you. 

Translation : Lâcher prise sur une affaire 

This task is urgent. please give it top priority

Definition : Please put this job first on the list of priorities. It’s of vital importance.

Translation : Ceci est urgent. Traitez-le en priorité

Wait for me to give you the green light

Definition : Wait for my go-ahead before starting. Wait to be told before acting. 

Translation : Attendez que je vous donne le feu vert 

I really must pass on to you all the credit for success

Definition : You really deserve all the recognition for such a good job.

Translation : Je vous attribue vraiment tout le mérite pour cette réussite 

Les usages à respecter:

• Communication is important with your assistant. Make sure that it is very clear what you expect and the results you want.

• You should treat your administrative assistant as a member of the team, including him or her in meetings and asking for his or her input.

• While the imperative form is used in English for giving instructions or orders, it is often considered impolite. You should either soften the imperative form with «please» or use a polite question form (see below).

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

The imperative form

The imperative is the infinitive without «to». The subject is often «you», but usually it is understood and not stated. 

A name can be used either at the beginning or at the end of the sentence to be more precise.

Examples : 

– Call me.

– Please write the letter, Susan.

– Come in the office early tomorrow, please. A tag question can also be used with an imperative to make it more of a request and therefore more polite.

Examples :

– Speak up, won’t you (please) ?

– Take a seat, won’t you ? Below are different forms of the imperative modified to be more polite : – Call me, will you please?

– Call me, would you please ?

Note that with the imperative, a modal verb has been added to soften the order into a request.


Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

top priority, Have I made myself clear ?, I really must pass on to you all the credit for success, hands-on, look into this and tell me what you think, quite capable of doing, follow his instructions to the letter, Would you mind, the lead time, overran the deadline, to report back, wait for me to give you the green light, feedback, delegated, hand over / take some of the workload, looking over my shoulder, letting go, overseeing 

1. A ............ boss remains close to his team and is involved in their daily routine and the carrying out of their work.

2. A hands-on boss will have difficulty in ............when it comes to delegating tasks to members of the team.

3. I do realize that you have a lot to do now, but could you please give this project ............ as it is extremely urgent ?

4. Peter, I’ve decided to ............ this task to you in order to ............ away from Julie as she’s really inundated at the moment.

5. If you have any questions about this topic, then please see Brian as soon as possible. He’s ............this project now.

6. I really wish Mr. Butterworth would leave me alone to finish this task. He’s always ............ to check up on me and it’s really annoying.

7. I am ............this job on my own.

8. Does everybody understand precisely what needs to be done? ............?

9. Pauline has been ........... the task of chasing up outstanding invoices as she has a lot of experience in this field.

10. The Finance Manager was very clear and rigid in his brief : he won’t tolerate any personal flair at all. We are to ...........

11. Please ............ before proceeding to the next step, I need time to verify your findings.

12. As this is a long-term project, I’d like to meet again in two months to review your progress and listen to your ...........

13. My boss asked me ........... immediately should any major obstacles appear which could delay the project.

14. You forgot to specify .......... for this task. How much time do I have to carry it out before completion date is due?.

15. We lost the China contract because we had a lot of problems to sort out with our legal advisors and so we ..........and handed the bid in two weeks late.

16. .......... writing up the minutes from the meeting and circulating them to everybody who was present?

17. I really took a step back and let you get on with the job on your own, so........... as you did the work, not me.

18. Could you please .......... ? Because I’d really like to know your opinion before making a decision.


SOLUTIONS : 1 : hands-on. 2 : letting go. 3 : top priority. 4 : hand over / take some of the workload. 5 : overseeing. 6 : looking over my shoulder. 7 : quite capable of doing. 8 : Have I made myself clear ? 9 : delegated. 10 : follow his instructions to the letter. 11 : wait for me to give you the green light.12 : feedback. 13 : to report back. 14 : the lead time. 15 : overran the deadline. 16 : Would you mind. 17 : I really must pass on to you all the credit for success. 18 : look into this and tell me what you think

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