Motiver ses troupes

Les mots clés et expressions:

Fulfil an ambition (to)

Definition : to reach one’s goal in life, to achieve one’s aim.

Translation : Réaliser ses ambitions 

Realize one’s full potential (to)

Definition : to give it your all, to work according to one’s capacity, to achieve one’s potential. 

Translation : Donner toute sa mesure 

Feel involved (to)

Definition : to be included, to feel concerned. 

Translation : Se sentir impliqué 

Build up confidence (to)

Definition : to gain self-reassurance, to establish oneself in a certain role. 

Translation : Prendre confiance en soi 


Definition : genuine, trustworthy, honest, frank, earnest, authentic. 

Translation : Sincère 

Show commitment (to)

Definition : to be committed, to demonstrate interest and involvement. 

Translation : Montrer son engagement 

Be rewarded (to)

Definition : to receive recognition, to be acknowledged. 

Translation : Etre récompensé 

Drive an individual (to)

Definition : to motivate someone, to encourage someone to do a job. 

Translation : Motiver quelqu’un 

Set challenging and realistic goals (to)

Definition : to establish motivating and attainable goals, not to put the bar too high. 

Translation : Fixer des objectifs stimulants et réalistes 

Give feedback (to)

Definition : to inform employees about negative and positive points, to let individuals know about their performance. 

Translation : Donner un feedback 

Believe in one’s team (to)

Definition : to have confidence, to have faith. 

Translation : Croire en son équipe 

Appreciate team members (to)

Definition : to value individuals, to hold employees in esteem. 

Translation : Apprécier les membres de l’équipe 

Respect someone’s initiative (to)

Definition : to allow somebody to act independently, to let an employee act on his own. 

Translation : Respecter l’initiative 

Incentive schemes

Definition : motivational plans, programs to stimulate employees in their work. 

Translation : Plans de motivation 

Why is this task important to us ?

Definition : Why does this matter ? Why are we concerned by this ? 

Translation : Qu’est-ce qui compte pour nous dans ce travail ? 

I expect the very best from you

Definition : I expect you to do your very best, I am counting on excellent performance. 

Translation : Je m’attends à ce que vous fassiez de votre mieux 

Long and short range goals

Definition : targets set for near and far dates in the future, objectives with different completion dates. 

Translation : Les objectifs à long et court terme 

A key ingredient for success

Definition : an essential factor to succeed, a very important element to reach the final goal. 

Translation : Un élément clé pour la réussite 

He leads by example

Definition : he sets an example to be followed, he walks the talk. 

Translation : Il dirige par l’exemple 

Healthy competition

Definition : positive rivalry, encouraging employees to measure and compare their efforts against others. 

Translation : Une concurrence saine 

Point out milestones in the project (to)

Definition : to indicate intermediary stages in each task, to stagger projects into smaller phases. 

Translation : Poser des jalons dans chaque projet 


Definition : useful, with a meaning, practical, valuable. 

Translation : Utile 

Strengths and weaknesses

Definition : qualities and negative features, good and bad points. 

Translation : Forces et faiblesses 

Develop new skills (to)

Definition : to become more competent, to improve upon one’s ability to do something. 

Translation : Développer de nouvelles compétences 

Try a different approach (to)

Definition : to assume a fresh attitude, to think outside the box. 

Translation : Adopter une nouvelle approche 

Coach regularly (to)

Definition : to train often, to enable one to learn new skills. 

Translation : Former régulièrement 

Assess team dynamics (to)

Definition : to evaluate team interaction, to judge team behaviour. 

Translation : Evaluer le comportement de l’équipe 

Adapt to each personality (to)

Definition : to be flexible, to demonstrate versatility. 

Translation : S’adapter aux individus 

A straightforward leadership

Definition : a simple and direct style of management, a clear authority. 

Translation : Un management direct et franc 

Have a sense of belonging (to)

Definition : to feel part of, to feel comfortable with. 

Translation : Avoir un sentiment d’appartenance 

Les usages à respecter:

• Focus on where people should be, rather than why they are not there now, is a common. positive approach used in UK motivational training sessions. 

• UK managers often quote as a reference «Say what you mean, mean what you say». 

• Praise in public and criticize in private. Give positive comments in front of others and reprimand or point out faults in private.

• Praise is very important to Anglosaxons, a simple «job well done» from a manager shows employees that their work is worth something and is appreciated. 

• In USA, it is common to have competitions in which an employee is rewarded as employee of the month or best salesperson. The employee is often given a certificate and is recognized in front of his/her peers. The aim is to reward the excellent work of one employee and at the same time motivate others to reach their goal.

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

But, although and however.

These are often used to express two contrasting ideas in one sentence. 

Examples :

– I really like your idea but I think we should wait a bit before putting it to the board. 

– Although Geoff has only been here for a month, he’s really settled in quickly. 

– Your sales figures for existing customers are excellent, however you could do with expanding your portfolio.



Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

strengths and weaknesses, have a sense of belonging / involved, a straightforward leadership, healthy competition, develop new skills, a key ingredient, fulfill my ambition, give feedback, realize his full potential, be rewarded / drive an individual, adapt to each personality, leads by example, set challenging and realistic goals, coach regularly / build up confidence, Incentive schemes, try a different approach, sincere / believe in the team, 

1. An employee can easily become unmotivated when tasks are fixed at too high a level. A boss should therefore try to ..............

2. A leader should ............ when delegating tasks to avoid a too familiar routine and thus stagnation.

3. A team manager must be clear and direct with his team, adopting ............ style.

4. Motivation is an essential element in achieving a goal. It’s ............. for success. 

5. This is exactly where I wanted to be at this point in my professional career. I’m really delighted I have been able to ............

6. John always gives his utmost in every way. He always strives to ............

7. It’s important to be ............ with one’s team so that employees can count on you and have faith in what you say, and likewise, a boss must also ............

8. Flexibility is vital as a leader must try to ........... and treat each member as an individual.

9. Mr. Jones is a very «hands-on» manager who .......... and shows us exactly what we have to do.

10. A boss needs to ........... regularly to his employees, whether positive or negative, so they know exactly how they are performing.

11. An involved manager knows his employees inside out with their respective ..........

12. An effective manager can put employees’ qualities to use to benefit the company and try to work on negative points to .........

13. In order to enable employees to expand their knowledge base, it’s important to .......... which will also ......... both in themselves and their activity. 

14. Efforts and achievements need to ........... in order to .......... to aim even higher.

15. Gentle encouragement for employees to compare themselves to other employees can be seen as .......... and can be very beneficial to the company.

16. .......... are used by some companies to maintain employee interest, stimulation and motivation. They are often in the form of money or gifts such as a weekend getaway.

17. Contact and interaction with fellow colleagues helps employees to ........... and to feel ...........


SOLUTIONS : 1 : set challenging and realistic goals. 2 : try a different approach. 3 : a straightforward leadership. 4 : a key ingredient. 5 : fulfill my ambition. 6 : realize his full potential. 7 : sincere / believe in the team. 8 : adapt to each personality. 9 : leads by example. 10 : give feedback. 11 : strengths and weaknesses. 12 : develop new skills. 13 : coach regularly / build up confidence. 14 : be rewarded / drive an individual. 15 : healthy competition. 16 : Incentive schemes. 17 : have a sense of belonging / involved.

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