Organiser un voyage d'affaire ?

Les mots clés et expressions:

Do you have any vacancies for june 13th ?

Definition : Have you got any rooms available for June 13th ?

Translation : Avez-vous une chambre disponible pour le 13 juin ?

Reserve (to)

Definition : to book, to hold, to make a reservation.

Translation : Réserver

Arrive (to)

Definition : to reach a destination.

Translation : Arriver

Do you accept visa / mastercard ?

Definition : Can I pay by Visa /Mastercard ?

Translation : Acceptez-vous la Visa / Mastercard ?

Traveller’s cheques

Definition : pre-printed, fixed amount cheques issued usually from a bank and avai-lable in various currencies.

Translation : Chèques de voyage

Check in (to)

Definition : to register (hotel or airport).

Translation : Enregistrer

Ocean view room

Definition : a room with a window that faces the ocean.

Translation : Chambre avec vue sur la mer

A non-stop flight

Definition : a direct flight.

Translation : Vol direct


Definition : stopover, a brief stay in the course of a journey.

Translation : Escale

Luggage (usa) / baggage (uk)

Definition : suitcases used in travelling to hold clothes, etc.

Translation : Valises

Single ticket (uk) / one way ticket (usa)

Definition : a ticket to travel to a destination without returning.

Translation : Aller simple

Return ticket

Definition : a ticket including the return to the place of departure.

Translation : Aller-retour

Does this train go to new york ?

Definition : Is this the train I should take to go to New York ?

Translation : Ce train va-t-il à New York ?

Where can i catch a cab / taxi ?

Definition : Is there a place to get a cab near here ?

Translation : Où puis-je prendre un taxi ?


Definition : a vehicle that goes back and forth to a set place.

Translation : Navette

Hire (uk) / to rent (usa) (to)

Definition : to engage the tempo-rary use of something for a fee, to let.

Translation : Louer

Is breakfast included (in the price) ?

Definition : Does the room rate include breakfast ?

Translation : Le petit déjeuner est-il compris ?

How much is it after tax ?

Definition : What is the total price including tax ?

Translation : Combien ça coûte TTC ?

Could you please send me detailed directions from the hotel to your office ?

Definition : Would you please send me a map including information from the hotel to your office ?

Translation : Pouvez-vous m’envoyer l’itiné-raire détaillé pour me rendre à vos bureaux depuis mon hôtel ?

Aisle seat / window seat

Definition : a place to sit that is either next to the walk-way or next to the window.

Translation : Siège couloir / fenêtre

What hotel would you recommend ?

Definition : Is there a hotel nearby that you would suggest ?

Translation : Quel hôtel recommanderiez-vous ?

Bus station (usa) / coach station (uk)

Definition : bus depot, bus terminal.

Translation : Gare routière

Underground, tube (uk) / subway, metro (usa)

Definition : public transportation railway that is often below ground.

Translation : Métro

Go by train / car / bus (to)

Definition : to take the train, to travel using train, car or bus.

Translation : Aller en train / voiture / bus

No vacancy

Definition : there are no available rooms in the hotel, the hotel is full, the hotel is all booked up.

Translation : Complet

I would like a room for one person

Definition : I would like to make a reservation for one person.

Translation : Je voudrais une chambre pour une personne


Definition : bills, banknotes and coins.

Translation : Espèces

Is insurance included ?

Definition : Does the price include insurance ?

Translation : L’assurance est-elle comprise ?


Definition : a detailed plan for a trip, travel plan.

Translation : Itinéraire

Who should i see when i get to jones company ?

Definition : When I arrive, who should I ask for ?

Translation : A qui dois-je m’adresser quand j’arrive à la Jones Company ?

What time are they expecting us ?

Definition : At what time should we arrive ?

Translation : A quelle heure sommes-nous attendus ?

Last minute change

Definition : modification preceding a dead-line or a scheduled event.

Translation : Changement de dernière minute

Contact information

Definition : telephone number, address, e-mail, information on how to reach someone.

Translation : Coordonnées


Definition : to be unable to be contacted by telephone, e-mail or other means of communication.

Translation : Injoignable 

Les usages à respecter:

• When renting a car in the USA, it will usually be an automatic transmission unless speci-fied otherwise. The minimum age to rent a car with most com-panies is twenty-five. Twenty-one is allowed ; however, you will be charged more. International drivers licence must be accompanied with your valid French license.

• Rez-de-chaussée : 1st floor in the USA, ground floor in the UK ; 1er étage : 2nd floor in the USA, 1st floor in the UK.

• Be sure to ask what time you can check in. Most hotels have check-in times around 3:00 pm but will hold your luggage if you arrive earlier.

• Traveller’s cheques are no longer widely accepted, plan to use your credit card.

• Do not forget to calculate time changes in your travel plans. All meeting times should be stated in local time.

• Be prepared to tip. Remember to carry small bills and change to tip 

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

To express the future : going to and will

Going to is a statement of intention, planned action or prediction based on a present situation.

Examples :

– Next week, I’m going to Lon-don for business.

– I’m going to be late.

Will is used for promises, un-planned actions, habits and predictions based upon experience or intuition.

Examples :

– I will answer your email tomorrow.

– It will be cheaper to book a non-direct flight. 


Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

contact information, traveller’s cheques, lug-gage, window seat, metro, by, go, bus station, recommend, arrive, to check in, to reserve ; ocean view, last minute ; itinerary ; unreachable, to hire / to rent, non-stop ; layovers, shuttle, Including taxes, no vacancy.

1. In order ............ at the airport, I will need a copy of my electronic ticket as well as my passport.

2. I’m sorry Sir, this hotel does not accept ............. You can pay either by credit card, or by check, or by cash. There is a cash machine located next to the hotel gift shop.

3. I prefer to travel light and to avoid the wait time at baggage claim, so I only take carry-on .............

4. The hotel is located in a beautiful part of the city, only two stops away from our office on a direct........... line.

5. Thank you for sending me the hotel information. Would you recommend to go ..... train from the airport to the hotel ?

6. Excuse me, I am a bit lost. Does this train ........ to New York or is it the train over there ?

7. This will be my first time in London. What hotel would you ............ that is close to your office ?

8. You can take a shuttle from the airport to the ............, from there you can take bus 19 directly into the city.

9. Hello, I would like ........... a single room from June 14th to June 19th with an..........., please.

10. I would like ........... full-size car next week. What is the mileage limit per week ?

11. In order to avoid being late due to transportation issues, we will .......... the day before the meeting, please let me know if you are available for dinner on Tuesday night.

12. While .......... flights generally cost more money, the time saved by avoiding .......... is enormous.

13. There is a ........... that goes from the airport to the hotel. It is quite convenient and inexpensive. It is located on the lower level of the airport.

14. The room rate is 100 dollars per night and includes breakfast. .........., the total comes to 112 dollars.

15. Before a flight, l prefer to reserve a .........., therefore no one will disturb me if they have to get up.

16. I am having a difficult time finding a hotel in San Francisco. They are all listing ..........

17. Please send any .......... changes to my secretary who has a copy of my .......... As I will be .......... for a few days, she will be able to contact me while I am travelling.

18. Don’t forget to take .......... for the hotel as well as for Mr. Jones who you will be meeting at ten o’clock on Tuesday


SOLUTIONS : 1 : to check in. 2 : traveller’s cheques. 3 : lug-gage. 4 : metro. 5 : by. 6 : go. 7 : recommend. 8 : bus station. 9 : to reserve ; ocean view. 10 : to hire / to rent. 11 : arrive 12 : non-stop ; layovers. 13 : shuttle. 14 : Including taxes. 15 : window seat. 16 : no vacancy. 17 : last minute ; itinerary ; unreachable. 18 : contact information.

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