Présenter un reporting efficace

Les mots clés et expressions:

A report

Definition : an account, a briefing, regular provision of information in the form of text, graphs and tables, written or oral review describing findings of some individual or group.

Translation : Un reporting

The message i want to get across is…

Definition : the information I want to convey is… ; what I want to put over to you is…

Translation : Le message que je veux faire passer est le suivant

Know the target audience (to)

Definition : to be aware of who will be listening, who wants the report and why.

Translation : Connaître le public ciblé

What’s the scope ?

Definition : What should the report contain ? What should it cover ?

Translation : Quel doit être le contenu du rapport ?

Gauge the content (to)

Definition : to calculate the information to be included, weigh up all the input.

Translation : Jauger le contenu

Give you a brief outline (to)

Definition : if I can quickly run through the skeleton ; let me give you a rough idea.

Translation : Pour vous donner un aperçu

Bounce the report off colleagues (to)

Definition : to ask peers what they think ; to get initial feedback from colleagues.

Translation : Demander l’avis des collègues

Visual aids

Definition : data presented in a way which is easy to see – graphs, tables, charts, diagrams, etc.

Translation : supports visuels

Proofread (to)

Definition : to check and correct, to read through again thoroughly to check for mistakes.

Translation : Corriger, relire

The purpose of today’s briefing is to…

Definition : we are here today in order to…

Translation : Le but de mon reporting aujourd’hui est…

I’d like to talk to you about…

Definition : I want to say a few words about…

Translation : J’ai l’intention de vous informer sur…

First of all

Definition : to begin with ; let’s start with ; in first place.

Translation : Tout d’abord

Let’s move on to…

Definition : turning to my next point ; I’d now like to consider another item.

Translation : Passons maintenant à…


Definition : in addition, moreover.

Translation : Par ailleurs


Definition : instead, either, or, another option would be.

Translation : Sinon

As a result

Definition : so, therefore, thus, consequently.

Translation : Par conséquent

As i said earlier

Definition : going back to what I mentioned before ; repeating my previous comment.

Translation : Comme je l’ai déjà constaté

Let me conclude by

Definition : to finish with, last of all, finally.

Translation : Pour conclure

Let’s sum up the main points again

Definition : let’s quickly recap the key elements ; I’d like to briefly review the most important points.

Translation : Reprenons les facteurs clés

Thank you for your attention

Definition : thank you for listening ; I’m grateful for your time.

Translation : Merci pour votre attention

I’d like to draw your attention to…

Definition : I’d like to focus on ; let me point out that…

Translation : Je désire mettre en évidence

Just a small point concerning…

Definition : I’ve got one minor question about… ; can we clarify a point regarding… ?

Translation : Juste un détail sur…

Knowing what we now know today

Definition : with hindsight, based on current facts.

Translation : Avec les données récentes en main

I’d like to bring up the issue of…

Definition : Could I just touch on the subject of… ? ; if I may mention the topic of…

Translation : J’aimerais évoquer le sujet de…


Definition : pointers, device showing information, elements giving specific details.

Translation : Indicateurs


Definition : company scoreboard ; displayed data about a company’s operations.

Translation : Tableau de bord


Definition : the state of affairs, the current situation, the shape of things.

Translation : Etat du projet

Next phase

Definition : next plan of action, following step, next in line.

Translation : La prochaine étape


Definition : combined theories to form one.

Translation : Synthèse 

Les usages à respecter:

• The French language has adopted the English word «Reporting» to mean either an oral or a written report in the world of business. In English, «reporting» usually refers to media coverage or news presented by radio or television journalists. The word «report» is used when referring to business.

• In UK and USA, companies like to see graphs, diagrams and pictures in reports for clarification and to reduce text. 

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

Stressing the key words

In oral reports, stressing the key words in the sentence is vital for correct understanding and maximum impact on the listener. The words in bold below would be stressed by a native speaker to indicate the meaning in parentheses.

– Our suppliers might consider these conditions (but then again, they might not).

– Our suppliers might consider these conditions (but yours certainly wouldn’t).

– I think my figures are accurate (but I’m not 100% certain).

– I think my figures are accurate (but Tony disagrees).

Firstly, secondly, thirdly…

Ordinal numbers are commonly used to show a particular position of an item in a series of points. You should always keep with the original form used (if you use «firstly», you should say «secondly ; if you use «first», you should say «second», etc.). For the last point, you should use «finally». 


Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

What’s the scope, bounce the report off colleagues, I’d like to bring up the issue of,Just a small point concerning, knowing what we now know today, Let me conclude by, I’d like to draw your attention to, to give you a brief outline, proofread, let’s sum up the main points again, Can I clarify the objectives, visual aids, A report, the message I want to get across is, The purpose of today’s briefing is, Thank you for your attention, know the target audience, Alternatively.

1. Let me tell you why we’re all here. ............ to bring you up to date with my findings on product awareness in China.

2. It’s always a good idea to use different ............ whensharing information with others as this automatically reduces written or spoken text and makes the report easier to understand.

3. Before making the final presentation, it’s advisable to ............ in order to obtain an initial reaction.

4. ............ can be written or oral, but it’s always used to present specific information to peers or management.

5. I’m sidetracking a little bit, but ............ the current financial crisis as this is having a massive impact on our sales today.

6. If you ............ for the report, then you can adapt your vocabulary and add personal anecdotes accordingly.

7. ............ of the report ? This topic is so vast that I need more precisions.

8. May I interrupt here ? ............ the third paragraph. What do you mean when you say «to the detriment of» in line 3 ?

9. Obviously, ............, we would not have launched a new product at such a time of crisis.

10. This about rounds things up for now. ............ reminding you about the next briefing scheduled for next month.

11. In order to see these statistics more clearly, ........... the bar graph at the top of page 2.

12. At the end of the day, ........... that innovation is vital for future success.

13. Before filling you in on my findings, I’d like .......... of my task specification to help you understand my actions.

14. I’m going to ask my secretary to .......... my report so that she can check for any errors or typos.

15. So that everyone goes away with a clear picture, ...........

16. Option A is easy to implement. ..........., we could consider option B which is more economical but longer to put in place.

17. I’m not sure if I really understand the ultimate aim of this task. ........... to be sure I don’t make a blunder ?

18. I think I’ve just about covered everything. ............ and don’t forget to send me any comments.


Solutions 1 : The purpose of today’s briefing is. 2 : visual aids. 3 : bounce the report off colleagues. 4 : A report. 5 : I’d like to bring up the issue of. 6 : know the target audience. 7 : What’s the scope. 8 : Just a small point concerning. 9 : knowing what we now know today. 10 : Let me conclude by. 11 : I’d like to draw your attention to. 12 : the message I want to get across is. 13 : to give you a brief outline. 14 : proofread. 15 : let’s sum up the main points again. 16 : Alternatively. 17 : Can I clarify the objectives. 18 : Thank you for your attention.

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