Rédiger un email

Les mots clés et expressions:


Definition : precedes the name of the addressee or recipient (the person to whom you are sending the e-mail). 

Translation :


Definition : precedes the name of the sender. 

Translation : De 


Definition : topic or motive of the e-mail. 

Translation : Objet 

Cc (carbon copy or courtesy copy)

Definition : indicates that a copy of your e-mail is sent to the people listed. 

Translation : Copie 

Blind carbon copy or blind courtesy copy (bcc)

Definition : the original addressee of your e-mail will not know that a copy of the e-mail is going to this person. 

Translation : Copie cachée (CCI) 

Forward (to)

Definition : to send a message you have received to someone else. 

Translation : Transférer 

Reply (to all)

Definition : to answer an e-mail (to everyone), usually with the original text. 

Translation : Répondre (à tous) 


Definition : to indicate that a file or document is sent with an e-mail. 

Translation : Ci-joint 

Link (hyperlink)

Definition : provides access to a distinctive place, usually a web page. 

Translation : Lien 


Definition : to send, receive and consult e-mails using only a web browser, for example Hotmail. 

Translation : Courriel par Internet 

Thanks in advance for your help (tia)

Definition : often used as a closing statement to thank the addressee for providing you with something. 

Translation : Merci d’avance pour votre réponse 

Returned mail/bounced back

Definition : when a message comes back to the sender without being delivered. 

Translation : Courriel non livré 

Bulk mail

Definition : junk e-mail, spam, unsolicited e-mails, often advertisements. 

Translation : Courriel de masse 

Check e-mail (to)

Definition : to consult your inbox, to look and see if you have new e-mails. 

Translation : Consulter ses courriels 

Compose (to)

Definition : to write a new message. 

Translation : Ecrire (un nouveau message) 


Definition : area that holds received messages. 

Translation : Boîte de réception 


Definition : a preliminary version, not final. 

Translation : Brouillon 

Sign out (to)

Definition : to log out of your e-mail program. 

Translation : Déconnecter 

E-mail (electronic mail)

Definition : a message sent or received via a computer network.

Translation : Courriel 

Url (uniform resource locator)

Definition : an address on the World Wide Web. 

Translation : Adresse Internet 

E-mail blacklist

Definition : an e-mail spam filter that will not allow e-mails from addressees listed. 

Translation : Liste noire de courriel 


Definition : a text that is automatically displayed on the top of each page. 

Translation : En-tête 

Return request receipt (rr)

Definition : a notification that the addressee has opened the e-mail you sent. 

Translation : Accusé de réception 

I look forward to your reply

Definition : a polite sentence to inform the addressee that you expect a response.

Translation : Dans l’attente de votre réponse 

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me

Definition : often a concluding sentence to invite the person to e-mail you if he/she needs additional information. 

Translation : Si vous souhaitez de plus amples informations, n’hésitez pas à me contacter 

Authenticated e-mail

Definition : to allow e-mail recipients to positively identify the sender of an e-mail. 

Translation : Courriel authentifié 

Certified e-mail

Definition : e-mails able to bypass spam filters and sent to subscribers with the certainty that they are legitimate. 

Translation : Courriel certifié 

E-mail white list

Definition : a list of contacts or addresses of which the user accepts to receive e-mail from and should not be sent directly to the trash or spam folder. 

Translation : Liste autorisée 

Trash/ deleted folder

Definition : the place where erased e-mails are filed. 

Translation : Eléments supprimés 

Compress / to zip (to)

Definition : to make a file or files smaller by using a special program.

Translation : Compresser 

Les usages à respecter:

• Remember that in the USA the date is written month, day, year. In the UK, it is written day, month, year.

• Always compress large attachments. It is considered rude to send large files that may block someone’s mailbox.• Always begin an e-mail with a greeting (hello, hi, etc.). 

• Use BCC when sending e-mails to people who do not know each other, it is not polite to give out other peoples e-mail addresses unless they have given you permission to do so.

• Sending an e-mail with return request receipt should only be used in special circumstances, i.e. where it is essential to know that the e-mail has been opened. Using “RR” in other circumstances is often seen as annoying to the addressee. 

• Do not write in all capital/upper case letters, this is considered shouting and impolite.

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

Countable and uncountable nouns Countable nouns are individual units and can be counted, therefore they can be singular or plural. 

When the noun begins with a consonant and is singular, use «a». When the noun begins with a vowel and is singular, use «an». 

Examples : 

- a phone call ; 

- an appointment. 

Uncountable nouns are not individual and therefore cannot be counted. Uncountable nouns are always singular. These do not use an indefinite article. Examples : - advice, progress, water, research, work. «Fewer» and «many» are used when the noun is countable.

Example :

- John should send fewer e-mails, because he sends so many no one bothers to read them. «Less» and «much» are used when the noun is uncountable.

Example : 

- There is too much information in this e-mail, she should write less and be more concise.



Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

sign out, addressee, CC’d, BCC’d, forward,attached,link,webmail,hesitate to contact me, check e-mail,composing/deleted,URL, junk e-mail, return request receipt,should you need any further, bounced back, information, please do not, subject, ,certified,e-mail,trash,compress,inbox, 

1. I do not understand why Thierry did not get my e-mail, he was listed as an ........ on the e-mail.

2. It is very annoying when people send you e-mails with meaningless ............lines such as «help» or «questions».

3. I sent an e-mail to the CEO and ............ my boss, so that everyone is aware of the project.

4. I sent an e-mail to an angry customer and I .......... our Quality Manager, this way she will understand the situation, but the client cannot contact her directly.

5. Tracey, can you please ......... me all the e-mails concerning the Duppe contract, I will be taking this over from now on.

6. Please find ......... a copy of the minutes from last week’s meeting.

7. Click on the .......... below to be taken directly to our home page, where you can find detailed information about our company and products.

8. While I am on vacation, I will use ........... That way, I can use any computer and I don’t have to take mine with me.

9. I received 89 messages, only 25 of them were legitimate e-mails, the rest were...........

10. I have been in meetings all day and have not had a chance to ........... 

11. As I was ......... an e-mail to John, he called and we quickly worked out the details together, therefore I ....... the e-mail. 

12. Can you please send me a link to your website, the ......... I have doesn’t seem to work.

13. I am sending this message again, as the original .......... I apologize if you receive this more than once.

14. I sent the agenda with .........., this way I can ensure all the recipients have received it.

15. The attached information should answer all of your questions. However, ...........

16. The marketing team sent the newsletter via.......... This will ensure our newsletter is reaching all our current customers and not going into their spam folders.

17. Denise, can you please send me your e-mail again, I accidentally put it in the .......... and my computer automatically empties it at the end of the day.

18. The file is too large, therefore I will .......... it and then send it to you. 

19. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get back with you sooner, I was on vacation and my .......... is full of e-mails.

20. When using webmail on a public computer, it is very important to .......... before you leave.


SOLUTIONS :  1 : addressee. 2 : subject. 3 : CC’d. 4 : BCC’d. 5 : forward. 6 : attached. 7 : link. 8 : webmail. 9 : junk e-mail. 10 : check e-mail. 11 : composing/deleted. 12 : URL. 13 : bounced back. 14 : return request receipt. 15 : should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. 16 : certified e-mail. 17 : trash. 18 : compress. 19 : inbox. 20 : sign out

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