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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

My new car isn't … my old one. It's much bigger.

Question 2/10

Anybody over the age of seventy could be described as being …

Question 3/10

I wonder … I left my glasses. I can't find them anywhere.

Question 4/10

How … do you visit your friends? Every weekend.

Question 5/10

Have you finished with the book I … you last week?

Question 6/10

Brian always works very … for his exams.

Question 7/10

Please be careful, won't you ,on the way home, and don't drive too ...

Question 8/10

His wife earns as much money … he does.

Question 9/10

Those two over there look … Are they related by any chance?

Question 10/10

Your hands are as cold … ice.