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To lie or to lay

Question 1/10

The cure for anorexia … in accepting yourself as you are.

Question 2/10

The bird that nested in our garden seems to have … an egg.

Question 3/10

… on the sofa for a moment if you're not feeling well.

Question 4/10

She … her tools on the ground and started to repair the broken door.

Question 5/10

These machines … idle since the factory closed.

Question 6/10

She … to him. She never told him she had been married before.

Question 7/10

A bricklayer … bricks to build a house.

Question 8/10

The dog was … at her master's feet.

Question 9/10

Let's … the table. Lunch is ready!

Question 10/10

He … in bed all day and didn't do any work for months.