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Do, make, take or reach

Question 1/10

I would like to ……. a suggestion if you don't mind.

Question 2/10

On my days off, I really like …… nothing.

Question 3/10

After long and hard negotiations, the workers finally ……. an agreement with management for future conditions.

Question 4/10

I'm really shattered. How much farther is there to go before we ….. the top of the mountain?

Question 5/10

How often can you …. a break where you work?

Question 6/10

They …… me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Question 7/10

Paul ….. a lot of mistakes on his physics test yesterday.

Question 8/10

I'm not particularly good at foreign languages but I always try to ….. my best.

Question 9/10

Hey Julie. I need your help. Could you possibly ….. me a favour?

Question 10/10

We always …… turns to do the washing up in our house .