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Question 1/10

First of all, I'd like to … the main points of my talk.

Question 2/10

If we could just … our attention on the short-term objectives to begin with.

Question 3/10

One thing I'll be … is the issue of a minimum wage.

Question 4/10

Basically, what we're …. is a complete reorganization of all staff within the plant.

Question 5/10

Later on, I'll be … several detailed proposals.

Question 6/10

I'd now like to … your attention to some of the difficulties we're likely to face.

Question 7/10

I'm sure there's no need to ….. what the main problem is going to be.

Question 8/10

The basic message I'm trying to …. here is simple. We can't rely on government support for much longer.

Question 9/10

This morning I'm going to be …… on the results of the market study we carried out in Austria.

Question 10/10

I would like to …. what I see as being the main advantages of the new system.