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Question 1/10

We ….. go out during the week. We prefer to stay at home and watch T.V.

Question 2/10

He earns a lot of money but he hardly does ……..

Question 3/10

I hardly knew … at the party so I left after half an hour.

Question 4/10

I must stop at the next petrol station. There's ……. petrol left in the tank.

Question 5/10

It's so boring in our home village. There's ….. for young people to do.

Question 6/10

You ….. come round to see me any more. Have I done something to upset you?

Question 7/10

There's ….. in the restaurant. It's really strange for such a popular holiday period.

Question 8/10

I'm sorry but I really can't lend you any money Sam. I …. left myself this month.

Question 9/10

I had …. to do at work yesterday so the boss let me leave early.

Question 10/10

I am really not very fit at all as I …… do any sport and I don't eat particularly healthy food.