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Question 1/10

You ... be really thirsty. You've been working really hard all day.

Question 2/10

Jim ... be going out with Mary ! I thought he was going out with Jill.

Question 3/10

The Browns ... have a lot of money. They live in such a horrible part of the town.

Question 4/10

Philip is always at the office ! He ... have a very interesting job.

Question 5/10

Every time I try to call Susan, there's no answer. She ... be on vacation.

Question 6/10

That guy … John. John is travelling abroad.

Question 7/10

She ……be in London or Paris or Tokyo. Nobody knows.

Question 8/10

Paul hasn't arrived in the office yet and it's already 9. a.m. He …be ill.

Question 9/10

Those two men look incredibly alike. They ... be brothers.

Question 10/10

The situation is drastic. War ….break out any day.