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Question 1/10

If you don't tell me what really happened, I …. go to the police.

Question 2/10

You really ….. be so rude to your teachers.

Question 3/10

When I was younger, I …. live in a beautiful old house.

Question 4/10

We …. left at five o'clock because we arrived way too early.

Question 5/10

In America you …. drink alcohol under the age of twenty-one.

Question 6/10

I ….. sleep well since the accident.

Question 7/10

Excuse me, ….. you help me please?

Question 8/10

You … better do as I say or there'll be trouble!

Question 9/10

That …. be Daniel because he's abroad at the moment.

Question 10/10

I … go to the doctor's yesterday.