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Question 1/10

We will find your keys. Your keys …

Question 2/10

They have produced Coca-Cola since 1895. Coca-Cola … since 1985.

Question 3/10

We use nylon to make many things. Nylon … to make many things.

Question 4/10

Have you repaired my car? Has my car …?

Question 5/10

An old man won the lottery. The lottery … by an old man.

Question 6/10

They don't grow pineapples in England. Pineapples … in England.

Question 7/10

Should they allow smoking in hospitals? Should smoking … in hospitals?

Question 8/10

Someone has stolen my purse from my bag. My purse … from my bag.

Question 9/10

The doctors have given Phil a new heart. Phil … a new heart.

Question 10/10

They drank a lot of wine at the party. A lot of wine … at the party.