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Question 1/10

Before coming to live in Spain, I … potatoes in an omelette, but now it's something I eat regularly.

Question 2/10

If you had visited us last summer, you … the beachfront.

Question 3/10

When I arrived, they … about Jack's surprise retirement party.

Question 4/10

You … him. You know he can't keep secrets.

Question 5/10

They're very late. They … lost. Our house isn't easy to find.

Question 6/10

The pickpocket denied that he … my wallet.

Question 7/10

She told me she … to New York last week so I suppose that's where she is now.

Question 8/10

Although I was used to acting in front of people, I … publicly before coming to Hollywood in 2005.

Question 9/10

You would have seen them if you … five minutes earlier.

Question 10/10

This isn't actually news to me. I … about this incident since last week.