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Question 1/10

James likes big cars. That car over there is ..., isn't it ?

Question 2/10

Susan wants to show me …new diamond ring.

Question 3/10

I have a small computer, but Paul has a big one. I prefer ... .

Question 4/10

David lives in an old apartment in London, but ...apartment in Rio is very modern.

Question 5/10

Could I speak to Pauline, please ? I'm a friend of ... .

Question 6/10

I'm sitting here. This seat is …..

Question 7/10

We like big cars. That car over there is ….

Question 8/10

I work with both Paul and Laura. I'm a colleague of ….

Question 9/10

Look at my new motorcycle. Is it really ….?

Question 10/10

I'm 32 today. It's …. birthday.