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Prepositions with get

Question 1/10

Julie was ill for a long time but with the right treatment she soon … her illness.

Question 2/10

It's so hard to … on my salary these days.

Question 3/10

I am so lucky to have a sister like Karen. We really … well together.

Question 4/10

Jack really loved working in Spain for a few months but he was also very happy to … to his own country after so long.

Question 5/10

Nobody …. with insulting me like that.

Question 6/10

We're going to have to limit our spending for the next few months. We … a fortune on holiday. (spent)

Question 7/10

Right. Let's stop wasting time and let's … to business.

Question 8/10

Can you explain that point again please? Your meaning didn't really … to the whole class.

Question 9/10

I can't … how rude that girl was!

Question 10/10

How are you … in your new job?