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Reflexive pronouns

Question 1/10

Ladies and gentlemen. Please help … to the food.

Question 2/10

Cats always wash … after they've eaten.

Question 3/10

Did you enjoy … at the theatre, David?

Question 4/10

Peter bought … a good dictionary yesterday.

Question 5/10

Small children like dressing …

Question 6/10

Take care everybody. Look after …, won't you?

Question 7/10

Julie always enjoys … when she goes to a party and meets up with her friends.

Question 8/10

I always spend a lot of time looking at … in the mirror before going out.

Question 9/10

My brother and I take care of … whenever our parents go away on holiday.

Question 10/10

Hi John! Great to see you again. Please go into the lounge and make … at home.