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Say, talk, tell and speak

Question 1/10

My boss always … me that I need to be more punctual.

Question 2/10

Can you … any foreign languages?

Question 3/10

The newspaper … it will rain tomorrow.

Question 4/10

Please don't lie. It's very important to … the truth.

Question 5/10

Good afternoon. Is that Mrs. Harrison? Yes, ….

Question 6/10

That's enough about our personal lives. Shall we … about business?

Question 7/10

We are learning to … the time in English at the moment at school. It's quite difficult.

Question 8/10

Good morning. This is Mr. Johnson from ABC lighting. Could I … to Mr. Yung please?

Question 9/10

Don't … me what to do. You're not the boss.

Question 10/10

There is a … this evening in the village hall on plants and flowers that I'd really like to go to.