Question 1/10

What are you doing next weekend? …

Question 2/10

Greg told me that he … coming to the party tonight because he's got an important exam tomorrow.

Question 3/10

Bye then. It was a wonderful weekend. Thank you for … me!

Question 4/10

My parents asked me where I … all night long.

Question 5/10

… did Julie react when you told her the news?

Question 6/10

She did her work … and didn't make any mistakes.

Question 7/10

We're not sure yet, but we … just go dancing later if you'd like to join us.

Question 8/10

I believe you're Tim Hodge. …

Question 9/10

Feeding the animals is prohibited. You … feed the animals.

Question 10/10

You mustn't go on the grass. Please … the grass.