Question 1/10

Emma! Hi! Do you remember me? Gary! … nice to see you!

Question 2/10

Nobody listened to the teacher … the whole lesson.

Question 3/10

A recent … has shown that the busiest shopping street in the world is in Warsaw.

Question 4/10

Tony feels really … this morning as he's got an important exam this afternoon.

Question 5/10

I'm late for my train. Don't worry! I'll give you a … to the station.

Question 6/10

Neil was very seriously … in the car accident last week.

Question 7/10

This restaurant is very popular due to its excellent food and … atmosphere.

Question 8/10

As soon as I … at the station, I'll call you.

Question 9/10

I'm sorry, I can't come to your party. Oh, …!

Question 10/10

Who's that man over there? …!