Question 1/10

Please note, everybody, that formal … is required for the seminar next week, so please don't come in jeans.

Question 2/10

Corn, maize and rice are different types of ….

Question 3/10

We will soon find a clean and easy way to … of toxic waste.

Question 4/10

I would wait a while before taking out a loan from the bank as interest … are currently very high.

Question 5/10

If we take a look at the graph, we can see that the general … of prices is still upwards.

Question 6/10

How many hours per day do you … in front of your computer on average?

Question 7/10

A large board used for displaying advertisements is more commonly known as a …

Question 8/10

How much does a human brain …? About 1.4 kg.

Question 9/10

Don't forget to go to the bank, will you? Well, give me a call to … me, otherwise I might just forget.

Question 10/10

When I was eighteen, I … £1000 from my grandmother when she died.