Question 1/10

I have seen so many young children with eating … that I'm really angry with the fashion industry and the way they advertise.

Question 2/10

I hate taking a blood test as I'm always so worried about fainting at the sight of the …

Question 3/10

My decision to buy David's old car was very …; if I had checked it out properly, I would have discovered that it needed major repairs.

Question 4/10

… procedures have to be undergone by all patients before they are allowed to enter a hospital or a ward.

Question 5/10

This information is highly confidential, and should not be … to the media.

Question 6/10

Did you … forget to invite Mary to the party as I know you don't like her, or was it an honest mistake?

Question 7/10

Paediatricians know a lot about children's ..., so if you think your child is not evolving in a normal way, contact your paediatrician.

Question 8/10

Children should use a high … suntan lotion and avoid being exposed when the sun is at its hottest and most harmful.

Question 9/10

I need to eat some sugar quickly as I can feel my … is getting low.

Question 10/10

I fell off my bike when I was 7 years old and cut my chin open, and I still have a … to prove it.