Question 1/10

Why should we pay taxes to support people who are too ... to look after their own children?

Question 2/10

Women who are unable to have children sometimes use a … mother to give birth to their children.

Question 3/10

The picture shows a nude … on a couch.

Question 4/10

The summer heat and humidity makes people very ... and unwilling to make too much effort.

Question 5/10

Unfortunately this is an area where crime is …

Question 6/10

For some … reason, he's refusing to speak to me.

Question 7/10

David has a … belief in love at first sight, even if the girl in question doesn't share his feelings.

Question 8/10

He has an … ability to know what one's going to say before one says it.

Question 9/10

Investing in property can be very …

Question 10/10

Gossip columnists … Lady Di in the newspapers.