Question 1/10

These plants are not … to this area, and they may kill off the native vegetation.

Question 2/10

I am always extremely ... with things that my friends lend me.

Question 3/10

Many of the … in this poem will not be obvious to readers who aren't familiar with the places that the author describes.

Question 4/10

Most … pianists started playing at a very early age.

Question 5/10

Paul was … for always arriving late at parties.

Question 6/10

The police … that Mr. Martin committed the crime, but the investigation produced no evidence.

Question 7/10

Mozart's music is truly … ; it always brings tears to my eyes.

Question 8/10

Paul suddenly became very … and started arguing with me angrily.

Question 9/10

Make sure to use an … dealer.

Question 10/10

The … was settled on Saturday.