Question 1/10

Despite her fame and success, Mary is surprisingly … with large groups of people.

Question 2/10

The … effect of several illnesses can be fatal.

Question 3/10

I find it very … that the waiter keeps asking us if we're enjoying our meal. I wish he'd just leave us alone.

Question 4/10

It's … that someone who's always talking about the importance of marriage should end up in a very unpleasant divorce.

Question 5/10

Her influence over the President is ...; I don't think he listens much to her these days.

Question 6/10

The ... scientist checked her measurements multiple times.

Question 7/10

She showed great … during her husband's final illness.

Question 8/10

"To pass away" is a common … for "to die", and "to pass water" is a common … for "to urinate".

Question 9/10

UNESCO, VAT and RAM are all examples of …

Question 10/10

He … until it was too late to do anything at all.