Question 1/10

It was rather … of you to suggest that the boss should cut his own salary to help deal with the company's problems.

Question 2/10

Nothing could … me to go out on such a cold evening as this.

Question 3/10

I took some cuttings from his rose bush to … in my own garden.

Question 4/10

Knowing how angry he was, Anna approached Peter with great …

Question 5/10

The union has threatened to take strike action unless their demands are …

Question 6/10

We're not …; we can't be expected to solve all the company's problems overnight.

Question 7/10

If a product is very popular and sells very quickly, then we can say that it sells ….

Question 8/10

The bank refused to lend me any money because they weren't convinced by the … I showed them.

Question 9/10

After three hours of long and hard negotiations we eventually … an agreement about purchasing new machines.

Question 10/10

Paul has just handed in his … so he'll be leaving his current job at the end of June.