Question 1/10

Paul's just told a joke but nobody is laughing. It … very funny.

Question 2/10

Oh dear! Please accept my apologies. I hope you haven't been … too much.

Question 3/10

Jack is a … smoker and has been smoking since he was eleven years old. As soon as he finishes one cigarette, he lights up another.

Question 4/10

As soon as you're settled in your new house, … me a line with your new address.

Question 5/10

I'm sick of him telling me how brilliant he is! Oh, I know. He's always …

Question 6/10

By the time I got to the swimming pool, the competition had already …

Question 7/10

It's impossible that they are brother and sister. They … brother and sister.

Question 8/10

I'm sure that it's his fault. I'm totally … that it's his fault.

Question 9/10

My students can't stand … for their exam results any more.

Question 10/10

I don't have any money at all at the moment. I'm totally …