Question 1/10

Our traditional products are selling less and less; we need to become more … in our approach to the market.

Question 2/10

You can make the coffee now. The kettle has just …

Question 3/10

Jane always looks so smart and her clothes are always so …

Question 4/10

Her reply was very weird and I remained … for a while.

Question 5/10

Look at those big … clouds. I'm sure it's going to rain soon.

Question 6/10

Don't waste your time trying to persuade him to apologise. It's a … cause.

Question 7/10

For his time, Marx had very … ideas.

Question 8/10

You can't go to the disco tonight as there is a … party there.

Question 9/10

It's … cold in here. Could you turn the heating up please?

Question 10/10

Susan didn't even hear me come into the room as she was sleeping so …