Question 1/10

The television isn't working. It was … during the storm.

Question 2/10

Ted's flight from Amsterdam took more than 11 hours. He … be exhausted after such a long flight.

Question 3/10

The book is …; my professor said we could read it if we needed extra marks but it wasn't compulsory.

Question 4/10

Susan couldn't hear the speaker because the crowd was … so loudly.

Question 5/10

The lamp … be broken. Maybe the light bulb just burned out.

Question 6/10

Don't forget to pay the rent tomorrow. The … is very strict about paying on time.

Question 7/10

The machine … on by flipping this switch.

Question 8/10

You've got to … ! That can't be true!

Question 9/10

I thought my calculations were correct but … to the answer key, my solution is wrong.

Question 10/10

Some of the most successful people I know haven't got a … to their name.