Question 1/10

Tuesday isn't very … for me. What about Wednesday?

Question 2/10

Susan is very popular with her friends as she's an easily … person.

Question 3/10

… are worn on one's hands to protect them from the cold.

Question 4/10

Peter's father was …. with him because he had stayed out later than allowed.

Question 5/10

I really must have my car fixed as I depend …. it to get to work.

Question 6/10

I … TV when a friend popped in to see me.

Question 7/10

You look … Shall I explain again to see if you understand any better?

Question 8/10

Just look at those big … clouds. I'm sure it's going to rain.

Question 9/10

If one's trousers are too loose, one can wear a … around the waist.

Question 10/10

Julie called. She wanted to apologize … what happened last night.