Question 1/10

The country with the highest life … is Japan, where the average age for men is 76 and for women 82.

Question 2/10

I've won the lottery and now I'm going on a shopping …

Question 3/10

I went to see my favourite band in concert last week but I was really disappointed with the …

Question 4/10

Don't play with matches or you'll burn …

Question 5/10

You two haven't met before, …?

Question 6/10

Nobody laughed when John told his joke, so it … very funny.

Question 7/10

Would you mind… me your name?

Question 8/10

What did Paul want? He wanted to know if I … already eaten?

Question 9/10

It's raining very heavily. It's … with rain.

Question 10/10

My father will … when he finds out what happened.