Question 1/10

Despite the government's offers to negotiate, the rebels remained …

Question 2/10

Our college's mission is to … the talent of young artists and musicians.

Question 3/10

His … display of wealth is offensive in a city where many people are so poor.

Question 4/10

As a senior member of staff, I am … to a thirteenth month salary plus many other perks.

Question 5/10

The thick fog is making … almost impossible on the motorway so drivers are being warned to drive very carefully.

Question 6/10

Did you forget your homework … or was it an honest accident?

Question 7/10

What time would you like me to …?

Question 8/10

What a terrible mess! Your office really needs …

Question 9/10

No please! Put your money away. This one's … me.

Question 10/10

No sooner ... the phone down than it rang again.