Question 1/10

It's … two years since they got married.

Question 2/10

Quick! Stop that man! He's just … my bag.

Question 3/10

My idea of perfect happiness is … alone on a Sunday morning.

Question 4/10

I'm not keen on the smell of smoke so I'd rather you … smoke in the house please.

Question 5/10

As my children don't like spinach, I often mix it with other ingredients to … its taste.

Question 6/10

Karen teaches schoolchildren, … teenagers.

Question 7/10

We won't go out until the weather …

Question 8/10

Go on! I dare you … to her.

Question 9/10

Historically, women died in childbirth and men in wars. Now, … is less risky and there are fewer wars.

Question 10/10

Let's book the tickets now before they … them all.