Question 1/10

I'm tired and I want to go home. She said that she was tired and she … go home.

Question 2/10

My car was stolen. He told me his car ……stolen.

Question 3/10

We're planning an ad campaign. They said they ….an ad campaign.

Question 4/10

We hadn't planned on staying the night. They said they ….on staying the night.

Question 5/10

We'll be happy to show you around next week. They said they …..happy to show us around the following week.

Question 6/10

I've made too many phone calls today. He said he ……too many phone calls that day.

Question 7/10

I've been elected president. She said she …….elected president.

Question 8/10

This can't be right. I said that it ……right.

Question 9/10

We may go to Rome soon. They said that they … Rome in the near future.

Question 10/10

I am going to fix my car next week. He said that he ……to fix his car the following week.